Individual Wealth Management-Who We Serve

A Detailed Plan Makes

Every Dream Possible

Through customized and integrated wealth management, Compass Financial Partners helps individuals and families shape a legacy to stand the test of time. As experienced advisors and thought leaders in this arena, we understand the complexities that come with accumulating, preserving and transferring substantial wealth. By addressing the six dimensions of wealth - family continuity, strategic philanthropy, risk management, integrated planning, investment diversification and lifestyle enhancement - our approach empowers clients to make the most of their resources today, tomorrow, and beyond.

We help individuals establish a holistic, long-term vision taking into account the financial, personal and social aspects of wealth. After clarifying their objectives, we develop a strategic plan for optimizing resources throughout the course of their life and creating a legacy that endures beyond it.

Small Business Owners
We work with small business owners to develop integrated and personalized wealth plans that address all of their financial and personal obligations, including maintaining business continuity and succession planning as well as helping their employees prepare for retirement, and planning for their own futures.

We have first-hand experience helping select executives build the lifestyle and legacy they desire. Our team understands the sophisticated needs of this elite group and provides in-depth financial planning focused on growing, preserving and applying wealth effectively. More and more employers are awarding stock options to employees as part of their compensation programs. The complex language, numerous tax outcomes and the daunting number of possible exercise strategies contribute to many option holders not fully recognizing the full value of their options. Compass Financial Partners can simplify this complicated process and help select executives extract the maximum value from these options.

Multigenerational Families
Our team has extensive experience helping families grow, preserve and transfer wealth from one generation to another. We provide families with holistic guidance in all areas of their financial lives, striving to impart positive financial behaviors and develop a shared long-term vision for the preservation of wealth for future generations and the distribution of wealth to strengthen the family legacy.


We believe in research and details, but being relevant is equally critical. We give clients the information that is most meaningful to them. We view everything through their lens, from their perspective.