What We Do

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At Compass Financial Partners, we know we're not the only firm offering retirement plan consulting to plan sponsors across the U.S. But while other companies may offer a similar list of services, we believe that who we are and how we operate sets us apart.

Plan Design Assistance

Our team is dedicated to helping improve the retirement readiness of participants. Effective plan design can be the difference between decent outcomes and exceptional ones. However, we know there is no "one-size-fits-all" plan design solution. Based upon proven behavioral finance concepts, our plan design approach begins with each client's unique goals and objectives, then incorporates the enhancements and options that will best position them to achieve those goals.

Investment Oversight

Our investment process is formalized by our internal CFAs, as we believe that having the experience and expertise of highly credentialed staff members on-site lends greatly to the depth, breadth and relevancy of our investment consulting services. Without a sound investment due diligence process, plan fiduciaries may be personally liable for poor employee investment returns. Compass Financial Partners helps plan sponsors mitigate this liability by putting disciplined systems in place for every step of the investment process, from establishing the Investment Policy Statement to the ongoing selection, monitoring and recommendations of the plan's investments.

Fiduciary Support

Retirement Plans require prudent guidance by plan sponsors and fiduciaries. Procedural prudence requires that plan sponsors become educated in each area of responsibility, take actions which are prudent and taken exclusively in the best interest of participants and beneficiaries, and document all actions taken. Following a well-designed decision-making process is essential. Our approach identifies potential weakness in a plan and assists with correcting any deficiencies through education, diligence and process.

Vendor Analysis & Benchmarking

Selecting a service provider is one of the most critical fiduciary decisions a plan sponsor must make. At Compass Financial Partners, we view crafting the RFP as much an art as a science. We serve as your advocate throughout the process, from developing the selection criteria to evaluating proposals and managing the conversion, to assure a best fit outcome.

The Participant Experience

At Compass Financial Partners, we never lose sight of a retirement plan's ultimate objective: empowering plan participants with the resources to retire with dignity. Our team provides plan sponsors and their participants with strategic consulting services and financial wellness programs that are comprehensive, compelling and fun! As a result, participants become more engaged, are better informed and are more likely to take positive action leading to a more appreciated benefit program.


We are not yes-people to our clients. We are thoughtful, honest and strategic partners who engage in a rigorous process to help clients reach their goals.